Malinska boat charter

Malinska is situated on the northwest coast of the island of Krk in a large bay, just 15 kilometers by road from the bridge of Krk. Formerly, known to seamen as a safe haven, Malinska is now a tourist attraction, that has preserved its fishing and nautical tradition.
You can choose between the sand and gravel beaches near town, or a hidden cove. You can enjoy the day from morning till evening in the sun, or have a pleasant stay in the shadows, alone only with a view over the blue sea ...
The port is safe, only the wind (Tramontana from W-NW) can cause problems. Mooring is possible on the quay or on the eastern shore, south of the pier (water and power supply). Anchoring at the port is possible, the muddy ground provides good hold.
The port of the hotel Haludovo is only accessible to small boats, and is protected from the N-NE winds.

MCP delivers chartered boats to a desired location in Malinska. Our base is situated in Punat, Marina Punat. MCP boat rental ist a motorboat charter and it is offering, yachts, speed boats, power boats and ribs. Rent a boat and visit all our beautifull beaches.