Veli Losinj boat charter

The village is situated in a narrow bay at the south-east part of the island Losinj, at the foot of the hill S.Ivan. High houses, especially those near the harbour, and luxury villas with beautiful gardens are the main characteristic of this village. With its 1000 inhabitants is the second biggest town on the island.

The Veli Losinj harbor is protected from all winds except from bora. The moorings are on the first part of the harbor and we recommend the eastern side. During strong bora the entrance in the harbor is dangerous and it is recommended to go to Rovenska harbor that has a pier and is very protected. You have to pay attention to the rocks near the pier and keep 100m away from it. Because of rocky bottom and the shallow sea it is not recommended to moor on the main pier. You have to moor on the first pier in the harbor.

Rovenska is attractive due to its beautiful beach, its fishing tradition and the responsible contact of the inhabitants with the environment.

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